Sustainable Water Filtration

Body Glove Water Filter Systems, by Water, Inc., are
the world's first environmentally-friendly activated carbon home water filtration systems to earn the WQA’s new sustainability certifications.

These state of the art under sink and portable water filters will help eliminate the use of plastic water bottles that clog waterways and kill marine life.
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Sustainable Water Filtration
Water Quality Association
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NO LEAD compliant

Filtered. Cleaner. Better.

All Water Filters Include:

  • Multi-Stage Water Filtration
  • Water, Inc. filter change indicator
  • Recyclable water filter housings
  • Patented in-head shut-off valves
Quad Stage FiltrationIntegrated Membrane Pre Activated Carbon Technology

Choose from the following Body Glove Water Filtration products:

Under-Sink Water Filter Systems Portable Water Filter Systems


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