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Body Glove Water Filters are the combined effort of Water, Inc. and Body Glove to provide a clean, affordable alternative to bottled water.


Body Glove Filtration Systems

30 Years In Water

Water, Inc. has been in the water filtration business since 1978, and over the last 30 years we have established ourselves as industryleaders. This was accomplished by providing quality products, comprehensive support and good, clean drinking water.

Water, Inc.Safe, Environmental and Cost Effective

Body Glove has been an environmentally conscious company since its inception and their eco-friendly message is a positive one.

Providing the world with a safe and effective option for filtering drinking water provides benefits for us all.

Using a filtration system helps keep thousands of plastic bottles out of landfills and saves the environmental and financial cost of bottled water transport for distribution.

Not to mention they save you time and money


Russ and Major Celebrating the launch of Body Glove Filtration Systems

Our Commitment

We are committed to bringing you the most advanced technology in the water filtration industry. Manufactured using the most sustainable and eco-friendly production possible.

We take our products seriously and employ continuous research to ensure we keep them as economical and efficient as we can in every respect.

Our Contribution

We all need to protect the environment on this planet we share. We donate a portion of every Body Glove Water filter we sell to the Surfrider Foundation, contributing to their efforts to keep our oceans and rivers free of plastic waste.

Our Filters

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