Body Glove Portable CounterTop Filter

“Point of use” water treatment or filtration is the most effective, efficient and affordable way to ensure high quality, great tasting drinking water for your home and office. It is critically important to be certain that the system you chose was designed to remove or dramatically reduce the contaminants you may be concerned about or suspect in your tap water source.


The Body Glove Portable CounterTop Unit features our exclusive one-micron filter and revolutionary Quick-Disconnect Diverter!

The Body Glove Water Filtration CounterTop Filter has been extensively tested by the highest quality laboratories certified and tested under ANSI & NSF standard methods and protocols. The gallon volume of filtration capacity is tested to NSF/ANSI Standard 42.

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Each filter delivers:

  • Outstanding taste and odor reduction, superb clarity
  • Greater than 99.8% chlorine reduction


  • Rated service flow: .75 GPM
  • Rated service capacity: 2,500 gallons
  • Body Glove’s technologically advanced one-micron* filter, is a powerful multi-function cartridge for residential and commercial purification systems. A radial flow from outside to inside provides improved holding capacity, 15 times greater sediment reduction and extended service life. In addition, each filter is manufactured using FDA approved materials.
  • With our revolutionary new Quick Disconnect Diverter and one-micron filter, the polished chrome CounterTop is ideal – attractive, easy to use, convenient and highly effective. This is the first time a counter top system has been able to offer a quick disconnect diverter that is easily attached and removed without tools. With this Quick Disconnect Diverter faucet adapter, you can receive great tasting, healthier water directly from your faucet in an instant!
Body Glove Water Filtration CounterTop Filter

Body Glove Water Filtration CounterTop Filter


Body Glove Water Filtration CounterTop with replacement Filter

Body Glove Water Filtration CounterTop Filter

The Body Glove packaged CounterTop unit includes:

  • One assembled CounterTop Unit with dual hose and Quick Disconnect Diverter with aerator attached, ready for use.
  • One chrome Snap Adapter with Aerator installed.
  • One plastic spanner Wrench for removing Housing to replace the CounterTop filter.
  • One Water, Inc. filter change indicator.

*System does not include a faucet, which must be purchased separately.


Body Glove CounterTop replacement filter cartridge:

Each replacement filter provides 2,500 gallons for the Body Glove CounterTop filter system.

Replace filter after one year or if flow becomes significantly reduced.

The replacement filter cartridge kit includes: filter pack, two O-rings, filter-change electronic monitor and replacement instructions.

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A portion of the proceeds from your purchase will go towards the Surfrider Foundation’s fight to keep our oceans and rivers plastic-free.

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