Eco Mission

Like our partners in crime at Body Glove, we have adopted an Eco Mission (in fact we’ve always been on one, it just never had a name until now).

Keep Our Planet’s Water Clean

Our most important natural resource, water is often overlooked when it comes to recycling and preservation. The plastic bottles used to package and distribute drinking water are clogging our landfills and creating more waste than the planet is equipped to handle. Not to mention the environmental cost for the transport and distribution of those water bottles.

We want to help offset pollution by donating a portion of every water filtration system we sell to the Surfrider Foundation

Clean water is our business and protecting precious waterways is our passion. Eco-friendly Water Filters and Filtration Systems are the technology of the future and have the potential to save money and time while taking steps towards preserving our planet.

We took it a step beyond and created water filter casings, packaging and labeling that can be recycled. Further reducing waste and promoting environmentally friendly reuse.

Our Mission Statement

Our pledge is to work in conjunction with other socially aware companies (like Body Glove) to promote awareness for renewable, recycled, sustainable and organic materials.

Every effort will be made to work in an environmentally responsible manner and to support environmental organizations of all shapes and sizes. Our intention is to lead by example, make sound decisions and protect the planet.

We’ve started by using the latest technology to create green and environmentally Water Filters that help to reduce waste, recycle finite resources, and provide a valuable service to our consumers.

Go green with our eco-friendly, recyclable water filters!

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