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Aug. 5, 2007

My husband and I recently went to the island of Hawaii. Besides everyday use, the filter bottle is especially awesome to use when traveling. We filled up our filter bottle everywhere and DIDN’T BUY ONE BOTTLE OF WATER the entire trip!

The water in hotel rooms always tastes disgusting, and the bottled water they sell in the mini-bar is so overpriced! We filled up our bottle from our room’s bathroom sink and had endless, great tasting water.

We did an all-day road trip around the island, and got a kick out of finding places to refill the bottle.


Hanging out at the beach. We took a nice swim and then refilled at the beach showers.

Other beach goers were impressed that we could drink the shower water through our bottle!


Gas station bathroom. The bathroom smelled gross – like a bathroom, but the water we got from the sink was delicious!


On the road with my body glove bottle!


Walked a trail to see beautiful waterfalls. I wanted to fill up my filter bottle from the waterfall, but we couldn’t get hiking access to the fresh water.


Filled up at a public bathroom after checking out some sights.


Worked up a sweat hiking the volcano trails & drank plenty of filtered water.


Visited a black sand beach and filled up at the beach shower.

Brittany A.

Manhattan Beach, CA

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Published by admin on Wednesday, August 5th, 2009
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