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July 19, 2009

I just wanted to write to you regarding the incredible experience we had using the Body Glove Filtered Water Bottles and thank you for bringing such a great product to our attention. Brad Peasley of Water, Inc. suggested these water bottles to us and they were an absolute life saver.

Jason P.I am a Boy Scout leader and took a group of young boy scouts on a backpacking hike up to San Jacinto Mountain over a 3 day period. When deciding on how we would turn stream water into drinkable water we decided on the suggestion of the water bottles over using the traditional pumps used to filter water. If we made one key decision on preparing for this trip that would be the most important one.

In the weeks leading up to the hike we checked with the local ranger station up by San Jacinto Mountain to make sure that there was still plenty of water in the rivers and streams that were shown on the map. When we got to the mountain and 5 miles up the trail and into the first camp we found that the streams were completely dried up and we were out of water. Several of the scouts went out to find any source of water, regardless of the amount that we could use to drink. They packed up all the empty filter water bottles and about a mile and a half away found a very small spring/puddle with really the only water from the spring being brown, dirty water.

When the boys came back with the water, we were discouraged to see these bottles filled with nothing but brown water along with a lot of sediment picked up in the bottles from dipping them in the very small puddle. Never the less we were thirsty, dehydrated and desperate. But to our surprise the water that came out of the Body Glove Filtered Water Bottles was crystal clear and tasted great. Had we had just a pump for filtering water, getting this water to drink, back to our camp in a timely matter would have been impractical and probably impossible in the situation we were in. Because of how great these bottles worked we rerouted our hike to where we knew we could find water and use these bottles with complete confidence. The hike was a complete success. We used the water bottles exclusively for cleaning water, we didn’t have to boil water or use water tablets to clean any water, just the filter water bottles. We used them not only for drinking but for brushing teeth, washing faces and hands, washing dishes and anything else that came up.

I can say with complete confidence that because of these water bottles our trip was saved and our health was kept in perfect condition. I would recommend to any one that is going into a situation where wilderness survival or just general emergency preparedness is essential that they get these bottles. They were absolutely amazing and I plan on buying additional bottles for my family emergency kits. I may even give them away to friends and family as gifts so that they can have such great tools at their disposal for emergency situations. I am confident that I can use these filtered bottles with just about any poor water condition and get safe drinking water.


Jason P.

Venture Scout Leader

Signal Hill, CA

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Published by admin on Sunday, July 19th, 2009
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